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Micro Business Loans - We do unsecured loans up to $10,000 and up to $50,000 on secured business loans.

Retirement & Planning Services - Come see Paula McCauley, CRPC Financial Advisor on Thursdays for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Attention MasterCard Credit Card Holders If you depend on your online statement history, you will need to start saving or printing those old statements.  Telco Plus is switching credit card providers and upgrading the cards to the new EMV chip technology.  When we switch to the new cards you will no longer have access to old statements. Also, please make note of the automatic payments on this card.  You will need to set them back up on the new cards.  More information will be released closer to the switch date that will probably be late May or June.



Can you hear me?  It's a scam.
If you answer a call from an unfamiliar caller and this is the first thing you hear, hang up immediately. Do not reply! CBS News reports that potential hackers on the other end of the line can 
record your response and use it to authorize charges via credit card or bill. They only need to capture your voice uttering the word "yes" to be successful, which means any yes or no question can work. To lower your risk, don’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, even if they’re from a familiar area code — and/or hang up immediately if you’re asked a yes or no question. And if you’ve already received this type of call? Carefully monitor your credit and debit card charges — and your credit reports.


Please be aware of fake employment scams.  You should not give personal information or make deposits for strangers.  You can lose a lot of money and become a victim of identity theft.  Double check by making calls and searching jobs/companies from other search engines.  Sometimes criminals use real company names and logos but post fake jobs. 

       Signs that they are fake:

                Wanting you to deposit cashier checks in order to transfer money or send them a check back

                If you have to pay up-front for “equipment or training”

                They need your bank account for direct deposit

                Quick cash or high pay for an easy job

                The company only has a PO Box, no street address

                The company name is not in the URL or email address

Cash Back Scam – another scam is people will offer to buy an item you have for sell with a cashier or bank check that is over the amount of the agreed sale price.  They will ask for cash back for the difference of the check.  When the check does not clear, you just paid the criminals to steal your sale item. 

Before accepting or depositing checks you can call the financial institution for authenticity.   

All scams should be reported to the local police department and the financial institution that the check was written from. 


Debit Cards

Protect Your PIN - Hidden cameras are often used to steal your PIN. Covering the keyboard as you enter your PIN is a simple way to help avoid theft. Never give your PIN to anyone. And, do not use any ATM with a card reader that appears altered.
Stay Away from Unfamiliar ATMs - The safest ATMs are those with the logo of your credit union and CO-OP ATM and MoneyPass.
Check Your Balances Frequently - If you notice something wrong, use the contact number on the back of your debit card to report any fraudulent withdrawals.


Thieves are now texting people posing as their financial institution, saying that their cards have been frozen, and in order to

reactivate them, they need to input their account information immediately. Don’t. Instead, contact us directly or the number on the back of your card, we don’t text card or account information.


Holiday Closing Times

Independence Day - Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Movie Passes

Telco Plus Credit Union offers to our members discounted Regal movie passes.  They are 30% cheaper than the theater and never expire.  The Premiere Passes are good to use any time, even opening night and movies that are posted "no passes."