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Community Involvement

Not only does Telco Plus donate to several charities in our areas, our employees also give their money and time. Our time is spent to benefit charities, local events, our members, and local schools. In 2015 the staff volunteered over 90 hours and raised over $2,300.

Children's Miracle Network

Telco Plus holds fundraiser's for Children's Miracle Network every year to help raise funds and awareness in order to help our local hospitals with vital equipment that help save children of our community. For only $1 you can get your name on a balloon, which will proudly be displayed in the lobby of our credit union. Since 2010, we have raised more than $2,000 thanks to the generosity of our members!

March of Dimes

March of Dimes, March for Babies is our biggest fundraiser each year. By raising money for March for Dimes, we are helping our community with the fight against premature birth. We are helping local hospitals with the ability to fund the equipment and staff needed to help our babies survive premature birth. Telco Plus raises money solely by the generosity and support of our membership. Without our members, the success we’ve had with this cause would not be possible. We raise money by holding silent auctions, bake sales, craft sales, individual sales and donations made by our members at our main branch. Since 2010, Telco Plus has raised more than $11,000 for this great cause!


Telco Plus loves our brave men and women who serve or has served for our country. We are proud to employee veterans and offer free financial education for our soldiers. During the month of Novemeber we raise money and collect items to send care packages to the soldiers at Christmas. Operations Gratitude is a 501, non-profit, volunteer-based organization that we partner with to make the care packages possible. For more information about them please visit their website www.operationgratitude.com. Since 2014 we raised over $2,500 and have collected homemade scarfs, hats, paracord braclets, and much more.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Telco Plus is a drop off location for Cell Phones for Soldiers. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free communication tools to active-duty military members and veterans.

You can drop your phone off at either of our locations and we will pay for the shipping cost. We just recently donated a large box of phones to the Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers
Cell Phones for Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free communication tools to active-duty military members and veterans. The organization was founded in 2004 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, then 12 and 13 years old, with only $21. Cell Phones for Soldiers relies on generous donors for cash contributions and funds raised by the recycling of gently-used cell phones.

To print a prepaid shipping label or to make a donation please visit www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com or call 866-716-2220.

Reality Fair

Telco Plus strives to be the financial solution in each person's life. In order to be a true financial solution, we must first start with our youth, teaching them the importance of financial education including budgeting and real life financial issues. To do this, we team up with local middle schools and high schools and hold Reality Fairs. These Reality Fairs consists of 12 booths that students must visit. Each student is first asked to choose a career and give a real-life salary for that career they choose. Each student then must make decisions about their housing, transportation, food, utilities and other areas, helping them learn to live within their budget based on their yearly salary. The students will also be tempted with "extras" such as electronics and pets. They also must spin the "wheel of reality" where they can be faced with unexpected expenses such as a speeding ticket or flat tire, or can be rewarded with an unexpected check from Grandma for their birthday or a bonus from work. The Reality Fair is an enlightening and enriching program that every student should attend. The lessons they learn here not only help prepare them for their future, but can give them a better perspective of what their parents face each day.

All in all, the students find this to be an eye-opening learning experience and put their financial outlook in perspective.


Not only do we offer free Credit Counseling to all our members, we periodically offer free evening workshops to educate members on understanding credit, how to read a credit report, and how to improve credit scores. We even go into the schools teaching this lesson to help prepare students for the world they will be entering after graduation.

A recent educational service that Telco has added is Retirement and First Time Home Buyers. Please check back here and our newsletter "The Plus Source" to see workshop schedules.


Telco Plus every Spring gives away a $500 scholarship for any member’s graduating senior that plans to attend college. The video applications are very interesting and fun for us and the students. Be sure to read our newsletter to see when applications and videos deadlines.